four 90s inspired spring looks ☆

cardigan ✖ Only
crop top ✖ Korea
mom jeans ✖ H&M
shoes ✖ Vagabond
sunglasses ✖ eBay

crop top ✖ H&M
backpack ✖ KKXX / Stylenanda

jacket ✖ Gina Tricot
SHINee shirt ✖ SMtown Pop Up Store
plaid shirt ✖ Object
shorts ✖ Forever 21
shoes ✖ Vagabond
snapback ✖ H&M + DIY

crop top ✖ Korea
bag ✖ Gina Tricot



OMGOMS! 2014: International fashion blogger picnic in Yeouido

See my full outfit here

Delicious homemade food ☆

I miss my lilac hair!

With Jina! ♡

The grass caused an allergic reaction on my knees.
(Or maybe it was the Comic Sans on my picnic blanket?)

IFBK picnic ♡

Video, jonka mia (@odoranaika) julkaisi

On June 8th Buu and I joined Jina and her IFBK friends for a picnic in Yeouido. Even though I was a bit nervous at first I had tons of fun! Everyone was super cool and stylish but still kind and down-to-earth. The weather was nice and warm (albeit a bit windy) so there were many people enjoying a lovely Sunday afternoon by the river. What's different from Finland is that Seoulites often take a tent with them even when they're going to the riverside only for a couple of hours. The next time I go to Korea I'm definitely going to spend more time by the Han River. I've always loved being near water and the city skyline just makes it even more enjoyable.