OMGOMS! '14: Stylenanda shopping & VIXX Open Studio

First strawberry milk of the day. ♥

You're not wrong.

Mickey hat ✖ Stylenanda
Shirt ✖ Hello Apm
Skirt ✖ Cubus
Shoes ✖ Vagabond
Bag ✖ Gina Tricot
SHINee tote bag

Stylenanda vending machine, deck chairs, Nandabus... So many cool things outside the Stylenanda flagship store in Hongdae! The inside of the store is even cooler, too bad taking pictures isn't allowed there.

...except in their special photo booth, which can be used for free! I love the first set of pictures we took. We didn't know it was free of charge so while we were wondering where to put the money the booth started taking pictures on its own and we just had to dive in and start posing!

I finally bought the Mickey hat I've been drooling over for a while ♥

Our original plan after shopping was to go to M!Countdown (a weekly music show on TV) to see one of our favorite kpop groups called Vixx. We've been to M!Countdown a couple of times before but this time we weren't lucky enough to get in. Our luck turned around though when we realized that there's an open studio in the same building and they were about to start filming an interview soon. The lucky part was that the guest for the day was none other than Vixx! There were huge windows where you could see inside the studio and there were speakers outside so you could hear everything as well. We had been walking all day and it took at least an hour before the show actually started so when Vixx finally came out our feet were hurting a lot and we were getting really hungry. About 15 minutes into the interview we decided to take a little break and get some snacks and drinks from a convenience store nearby.

From left to right: Hyuk, Hongbin, Ravi, N, Ken, Leo

K.Will and Yewon, the MCs of the show

When we got back to the studio we didn't go back to stand right outside the window but sat down a bit further away instead. We just listened while enjoying our beverages, it was pretty chill. The best part was definitely hearing Ken's Ottokaji song! When they started to wrap things up we stood up again because we knew they would come closer to the window to greet the fans.

Ravi waving at me because we're in love, obviously

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  1. wooow *o* so COOL!
    And you are so pretty <3 I love your outfit

  2. Vastaukset
    1. Thank you for leaving a lovely comment hehe~~

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  4. You look so amazing!!!
    I really want a Mickey hat now too haha :D


    1. Thank you! :)♥ haha I love that hat!

  5. Hello, I know this is kind of late to ask, but how do you wear your Mickey hat? Yours doesn't appear to have a chin strap, so do you have clips underneath? o.o I love it by the way, and thanks in advance for any reply!

    1. Hi, sorry for the late reply! There's a chin strap but it's actually a bit too long for me (and uncomfortable) so I'm trying to figure out another way to wear it. I saw the staff at Stylenanda wear the hats with bobby pins but I have no idea how since the hat is so thick... I should have looked more carefully, haha.