OMGOMS! 2014: Lotte World ☆

Waiting for Seonghee by the fountain at Jamsil Station ☆

Lunch before going to the amusement park. Best bibimbap I've had in ages!

Lotte World has the biggest indoor amusement park in the world.

Poor Kiiroitori!

We didn't stay inside for long because the air was quite heavy. It was Memorial Day in Korea so the park was absolutely filled with people.

SHINee shirt ✖ SMtown Pop Up Store
shorts ✖ Gina Tricot
bag ✖ Gina Tricot
shoes ✖ Vagabond

Team Kitty! I bought us these cat ears because I felt like they were an essential part of the Lotte World experience. :D They are usually only worn by kids and teenagers though.

Our Lotte World gang: Buu, Seonghee, me and Hyunwoo ☆

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