OMGOMS! 2014: Han River picnic outfit ☆

t-shirt ✖ Hongdae parking lot street
crop top ✖ Forever 21

shoes ✖ Nuovo

clutch ✖ Hongdae parking lot street

skirt ✖ Cubus
snapback ✖ Hello Apm
necklace ✖ Stylenanda

Big thanks to the talented Ana for taking these pictures ♡
I'll blog about the actual picnic later! xx


OMGOMS! 2014: Lotte World ☆

Waiting for Seonghee by the fountain at Jamsil Station ☆

Lunch before going to the amusement park. Best bibimbap I've had in ages!

Lotte World has the biggest indoor amusement park in the world.

Poor Kiiroitori!

We didn't stay inside for long because the air was quite heavy. It was Memorial Day in Korea so the park was absolutely filled with people.

SHINee shirt ✖ SMtown Pop Up Store
shorts ✖ Gina Tricot
bag ✖ Gina Tricot
shoes ✖ Vagabond

Team Kitty! I bought us these cat ears because I felt like they were an essential part of the Lotte World experience. :D They are usually only worn by kids and teenagers though.

Our Lotte World gang: Buu, Seonghee, me and Hyunwoo ☆


OMGOMS! 2014: Bukchon Hanok Village

♡ 딸기맛 우유 ♡

Kimchi stew and bulgogi for lunch ☆

The hills were crazy steep...

I've wanted to go to Bukchon for a long time, mainly to see the view of the traditional houses and the modern skyline. I love contrasts like that, they make things more interesting! Bukchon was as lovely as I had hoped but I definitely recommend not going on a hot and sunny day like we did. Walking up and down the steep hills in the afternoon heat wasn't exactly comfortable. There weren't as many tourists as I had feared though, so I think going on a weekday was a good choice (we went on Tuesday, June 10).