march, april, may ☆


♡ Backstreet Boys ♡

polka dot bomber jacket from Forever 21, shoes from Vagabond

#굿모닝 #생얼

shirt ✖ Noisy May / Vero Moda
shorts ✖ Forever 21
shoes ✖ Vagabond / Nelly.com
accessories ✖ eBay

scotch with a teabag in it
(jk, it's vanilla caramel tea♡)

this is still my favorite dress
(even though it's too short for me to wear without shorts)

at the health centre. spring flu #2.

lunch break selca

dress ✖ H&M


jacket ✖ H&M
shirt ✖ Jack & Jones
shorts ✖ Gina Tricot
shoes ✖ Vagabond
bag ✖ Gina Tricot

jeans ✖ H&M + DIY

Vappu (May Day) party look
(top from Cubus)

kurreilla oli villi yö

my actual Vappu party look

Mickey earring ✖ Forever 21
tattoo choker ✖ eBay

sunglasses ✖ H&M
heart earring ✖ H&M
tattoo bracelet ✖ eBay
rings ✖ H&M

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